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♢A secure, online gaming marketplace connecting streamers, game gurus, and/or influencers directly to their followers.

♢A marketplace for individuals exhausted of being demonetized or banned for senseless and/or unknown reasons.



For the Gaming Gurus (influencers, pro gamers or up-and-coming steamers)


♢Need a break from streaming or simply want to game with your fans while online? Get connected with Vamous! 

♢Vamous offers a safe and secure marketplace that charges minimual hosting/transaction fees (7%) to get gamers connected to their fans. 


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♢Can’t find the gamer, infuencer and/or streamer you’re looking for? Get them plugged in and start gaming on Vamous today! 


Satire for now 

I give this a 9/10. It has something for everyone. 

Videogame Person

Streamer, Super Mario Brothers | Wii

It’s always fun to connect with fans and take a break from streaming. I get paid to destroy them. Fun times. 

Pro Gamer from Pro Team probably

Professional Gamer, Fortnite | PC

“Looks nice. Good job.” 


My Mom

Fan, vidja games | Famous 90's console

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